Amazing Wildlife For You and Your Family to See in Mauritius

While most breaks might include fun experiences, beautiful beaches and interesting culture, few can claim to be truly unique. A family holiday in Mauritius is one of the few, with a high population of unique animals and plant life, some of which is on the verge of extinction; seeing something that is nowhere else and might not be anywhere on earth in the near future is a real and tangible thrill to the whole family.


A family holiday in Mauritius is the perfect opportunity to explore hidden and exotic habitats. The enchanting majesty of the remaining rainforest on the island is a must. Breathtaking buttress roots vie for space with alien plant life, both completely teaming with animal life. Native ebony and palms are locked in a war with introduced plants like Bougainvillea and Guava, creating the kaleidoscope of colour you would expect on an amazing family holiday. Mauritius is home to about six hundred and fifty different flowering plants, most which are extinct everywhere else on earth – the fact that Mauritius is a group of islands being the only thing stopping further destruction.


Though the plant life is spectacular, the real jewels in the crown of nature in Mauritius are its array of wildlife. On any holiday to Mauritius you would be hard pressed to miss the plethora of birds, reptiles, fish and mammals that the islands offer. Paradoxically, some of the area’s most famous animal inhabitants are already extinct – most notably the Dodo and the Giant Tortoise. These two bizarre but enchanting animals were inhabitants of the islands until the seventeenth century and are now consigned to local museums. But there are still a vast amount of species to see with your family on holiday in Mauritius.

For the best and most in-depth experience of the variety of fauna available on the islands of Mauritius, spend family holiday time in Black River Gorges National Park. Kestrels, pigeons and parakeets only found in this one place on earth are a mercurial delight, as are the skinks, geckos and boa. The conservation park allows visitors and can provide guides to escort you around and point out areas of interest.

For those less keen on spending their holiday time in Mauritius on jungle exploration, you can also enjoy the wildlife at the beach. The Indian Ocean is the habitat for astonishing and unspoilt coral reef growths. Great riots of colour erupt from the depths every moment; it’s a real treat to see these tropical fish in their natural habitat, and something best shared with the whole family. Mauritius holidays also present you with some extremely rare opportunities; scuba diving further out from the islands can pay natural dividends like glimpsing barracudas or even hammerhead sharks.

A family holiday in Mauritius is educational, interesting, and, above all, fun. Nothing will open your family’s mind like the amazing contact with nature that the islands create. The wide array of indigenous wonder on display is so staggering it will stay with you and your family for the rest of your lives as a cherished memory.