Amazing Attractions in Kenya

Kenya has many attractions ranging from the natural beauty of the Kenya Highlands, crowned by Mount Kenya’s icy peak, to the golden, sandy beaches on its Eastern shores, and the exotic African wildlife that can’t be found on any other continent.

Mount Kenya – The Central Highlands One of the top attractions of Kenya’s natural landscape is this extinct Volcano that rises 5,199 metres high and is located a few hundred kilometres North of the Equator. It is said that the Kikuyu god ngai resides in the mountain. Despite its proximity to the Equator, Africa’s second highest mountain has permanent glaciers at its frosty peak. The area around the mountain is the protected Mount Kenya National Park, a popular tourist destination for wildlife watchers.

Hells Gate Hells Gate is a National Park in a province of Kenya known as the Rift Valley. The park is famous for its natural geysers and hot springs. There is a gorge walk with spectacular views and plenty of wildlife viewing and bird watching opportunities throughout the area. Campsites and picnic trails litter the areas in and around the park and adventurers can take advantage of rock climbing, hiking and biking. In addition to the natural wonders of the Rift Valley, at Hells Gate you can experience another of the attractions in Kenya – the wonderful singing and dancing of the Maasai, and enjoy jewellery making demonstrations as you explore this ancient culture.

Rusinga Island In Western Kenya, at the Eastern point of Lake Victoria, is an elongated piece of land about 10 miles long known as Rusinga Island, linked to the mainland by a causeway. The ancestors of this small area fled Uganda hundreds of years ago. Today descendents of the Ugandan Suba people are farmers who raise fish, as well as staples like maize and millet. The cool breezes that blow off the waters of Lake Victoria are welcome to swimmers and boaters who enjoy Rusinga’s beautiful black sands and calm waters.

Kenyan Coast Perhaps one of the most overlooked attractions in Kenya to safari seeking tourists is the Kenyan coastline. On Kenya’s South Eastern edge, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean gently lap beautiful white sandy beaches. Here you will find the waters teeming with exotic marine life and spectacular coral reefs. Look out over the calm waters and you can almost spell the spices that linger through the centuries old trade routes with Arabia and India. Remnants of the Arab and Portuguese forts capture your imagination and hark back to medieval times when life here was tinged with the exploits of foreigners looking to make their fortunes from exporting spices, silks and exotic wares from foreign lands.

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