African travel?

safari travel
Mary S asked:

I’ll be travelling to Africa this August and I have a few questions,even if u can only answer 1 I’d still really appreciate it.Okay,so I’ve heard of this whale festival in Hermanus,South Africa,the main festival is in September r October so I won’t b able to go to that,but there is a ‘calf festival’ on in August but everytime i look it up on the net I keep finding out about the main festival,but i want to no about the calf festival,does any1 no where i could find out info on the calf festival.Also i’d like to know of any hot springs in South Africa. Any other cool things to do in africa apart from goin on safari.Does any1 no about the local customs or Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Morrco or Madacasgar. Or does any1 no howw to get to Sun City from Cape Town and how long it takes.