African Safari Kenya – Shocking Discoveries About the Masai People

On an African Safari Kenya you are will encounter the Maasai, and be introduced to their culture, if you choose as your destination the Masai Mara Game Reserve in South Western Kenya or Amboseli National Park on the Southern Edge of Kenya along the Tanzanian border.

The Maasai are tall, lean. They proudly lay claim to the ancient heritage of warriors. The Maasai migrated to Southern Kenya from the Nile Valley in the North of Africa. Their traditional nomadic way of life, herding cattle, has been threatened in recent times as the relentless pulse of modern civilization continues to permeate Kenya.On your African Safari in Southern Kenya you can meet local Maasai and learn about their customs.

Maasai men pass through several initiations into manhood, and then again into status as a wise elder in the community. There are no chiefs of the Masaai tribes, but rather spiritual leaders who take charge within their tribe. Maasai men stretch their earlobes to outrageous size and tattoo their cheeks. They like to wear bright colors, especially red. A Maasai warrior stands tall against his enemy the lion, with his red cloak flowing behind him and his spear planted firmly in the ground to demonstrate his strength and lack of fear.

Traditionally in their nomadic life herding cattle, the Maasai used every part of the cow. They ate the meat and drank the blood, subsisting solely off the animal. They used cattle and goats for bartering. Today they have more settled lives and they grow crops and buy fruits at the local market. They eat maize and rice, potatoes and cabbage. The new way of life can be hard on the Maasai spirit. Once you farm the land it can no longer be used for grazing. This goes against the grain for this proud people who have lived for centuries as nomads.

On your African Safari Kenya you will see Maasai huts made of mud and sticks. Traditionally they build their homes in clusters and live there while the cattle graze the land, then they abandon these temporary shelters when it is time to move on and seek new pasture.

By: Maggie Nguyo

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