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Samburu Intrepid tent

The Samburu intrepid club is like a fantasy tree house with decks built around trees, wooden walkways leading from one area to another and high thatched roofs towering above. The space is breath taking.

The main lodge stretches above sandy river banks. Shaded by thatch and trees, this soaring lodge is open to the air and river views. The décor is casual and high quality-smooth leather and wood. You have a sense of harmony with your surroundings. The river flows muddily past, birds are every where, and you are likely to see monkeys and lizards. Across the river you may see Samburu tribesmen and their herds.

Beneath trees, high on the river banks are 25 luxury tents. They are furnished in African mahogany and have wooden decks with reclining chairs. There are four poster beds, overhead fans, and double sinks. Luxuriant vegetation has been trained onto lovely gardens near the tents.

Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style outside on wooden decks. Dinner is in the large dining area, open sided, roofed by thatch and lit by hanging gourds. There is an attractive swimming pool, and lounge chairs are placed under creeper covered trellis.

Accommodations in the luxury family adventure camp

There are 25 luxury tents, most with twin beds, five with double beds.

Special offerings at the discount family safari vacation Kenya

Game drives, camel safaris, nature and bird walks, pool, souvenir ad sundry shop, airstrip transfers, river rafting, bush breakfasts, sundowners.

Samburu Serena Safari lodge is located across the river outside the Samburu national reserve. The lodge is built mostly pf natural stone and is surrounded by tall trees and lush established gardens. After driving the dusty roads and trails of the area, walking into reception with its rock garden and pool full of lily-pads gives you the feeling of stepping into another world. The shade is cooling, and there is the suggestion of age and permanence in the rock, the river and the trees.

Symbols, implements and weapons of the Samburu people are used extensively in the lodge décor to bring guests closer to the life of this land and its people. There are murals on walls and on roof beams of the dining area. Friendly staff will explain the symbols and subjects, and it is moving to learn that Samburu villagers provided drawings for the decorating artist to enlarge.

The dining area opens out to the terrace lounge overlooking the river. Below is the swimming pool, with several grassy game viewing areas descending down to the sandy river bank beyond. The whole area is pleasant meddling o shady old trees, mellow rock and flowers, sparkling water and sunshine. There are comfortable armchairs at the lounge level, deck chairs and loungers around the pool, and safari chairs scattered for game watching convenience along the lower terraces.

It is easy to watch wildlife from this lodge. You might see an elephant family stroll very close by on the other side of the river wall. You share the excitement with fellow guests when leopards are baited into floodlit view across the river. Crocodiles come up the bank practically at your feet to find their meat, and marabous and wild cats watch carefully for a chance to grab some too.

The lodge is popular with international tour groups and can accommodate up to 132 guests. Cottages have private verandas, most with river view; colorful bougainvillea climbs each high-thatched roof. The rooms are simply furnished and have clean white washed walls and bathrooms with shower. Bright local fabrics and natural matting have been used with imagination to create a pleasing décor. The pathways of natural stone are lined with plants and flowers, and on the walk to the main lodge you may spot game along the river or encounter monkeys.

All meals are served buffet style in the open-sided dining room with complimentary champagne at breakfast. A Samburu tribe’s man protects the tables and buffet from monkeys and birds; they know he is dangerous to them as tourists are not! Kenyan folksingers perform during the dinner hour.

Special offerings

Game drives, wildlife lectures, bird walks, swimming pool, camel riding, boutique.

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