Africa Family Vacation-best Africa Family Vacation in Kenya

Family vacations in Kenya are packaged to suit the needs of a family group traveling with kids to Africa. Family safari vacations in Kenya usually visit the Kenya famous national parks and the famous Kenya beach. Kenya national parks have different rates for family members.

Masai Mara Family Vacation of Africa Kenya

The most visited family vacation animal park in Kenya is the Masai Mara. MasaiMara game reserve is located to the southwest of Nairobi Kenya. The Masai Mara wildlife safari park in Kenya is popular for its large diversity and populations of game/animals. The Masai Mara is an undulating plain of grass that offers good food for the millions of giraffes, antelopes, gazelles and wildebeest. The Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya is a continuation of the more vast Serengeti national park in Tanzania. It has recently been named as among the new 7 world wonders together with the annual wildebeest migration in Masai Mara Kenya.

The Masai Mara family safari begins from Nairobi and includes at most three nights, which are enough to see all the wildlife of Africa safari. In most cases Kenya family safari groups stay in a single lodge for the 3-4 day duration. Game drives are offered from the lodges in a 4×4 open safari vehicle owned by the lodge or in the pop-up-roof-top minivan safari vehicle. Most family vacation groups to the Masai Mara arrive by road safari in a minivan and use the same for game drives. Mostly, family tour groups that visit the Masai Mara in air charters from Nairobi will in addition hire the lodges 4×4 open safari vehicles for game drives.

Kenya Family tours to the Masai Mara are usually offered an option of 2 game drives in a day (early morning and evening) or a full day game drive option. Either way, the Masai Mara will ensure that your kids get the most fun from watching the plentiful animals. Lodges in the Masai Mara family safari vacation have a characteristic of large compounds that affords the children enough playgrounds and are usually fenced off to keep the wild animals off -and the kids in. Not all of the Masai Mara lodges however accept children, so your Africa Kenya family tour operator in Nairobi should advice you on the available lodges. In some lodges children are not encouraged, not because of their noise, but due to the dangers from wildlife. These are mostly the open Kenya bush camps and wilderness safari tent camps. Food in the Masai Mara family Kenya vacation lodges is a buffet affair and meal times are advised by the Masai Mara lodges on arrival.

Famous Masai Mara family safari lodges offer good rates for larger family safari groups. Some have Kenya kids safari games and activities including swimming pools. Some of the most popular Masai Mara family safari lodges include;

  1. Keekorok Masai Mara family wildlife safari lodge
  2. Mara Serena Masai Mara family animal holiday wildlife lodge
  3. Fig tree family vacation camp Masai Mara
  4. Mara simba family Kenya jungle tour lodge
  5. Mara sopa Kenya family wild safari lodge
  6. African safari club family travel lodge
  7. Governors camp Kenya family vacation camp among others
  8. Lake Nakuru Kenya Family Safari Vacation Park In Kenya

The other famous family safari in Kenya Park is the lake Nakuru national park. Lake Nakuru family safari is mostly combined with the Masai Mara. Lake Nakuru park is usually added in the itinerary as an attraction before or after a visit to the Masai Mara. Lake Nakuru national park is most famous for its pink flamingo that forms a pink ribbon on the lake shores that can be seen from kilometers away. The flamingo in Lake Nakuru are over 2.5million at any one time. The flamingos are filter feeders of algae and the lake Nakuru is a superb feeding ground due to its alkaline nature that supports growth of blue-green algae.

Lake Nakuru national park is combined into the Masai Mara family safari vacation as a one night transit or at most two nights. The park is completely fenced off and has such Kenya safari wildlife as the flamingos and other 450 species of birds, the giraffe, the black and white rhino (it’s a noted rhino sanctuary),the leopard, the African lion, the mean looking-mud clad buffalo, the hyenas, impalas, hippos, among many others. There are no elephants in Lake Nakuru family safari park. Adult park entry rates at the time of writing this article were at $40 per person while those of kids below the age of 13 are at half price. Infants and toddlers are exempted from park entry charges in Kenya. Lodges that offer family on Africa safari accommodation in Lake Nakuru national park include;

  1. Lake Nakuru lodge-family vacation accommodation in Kenya
  2. Sarova Lion Hill family safari lodge in Lake Nakuru Park
  3. Kenya wildlife service self contained family safari bandas
  4. The Aberdares National Park-The Mountain Africa Family Safari Park In Kenya

The Aberdares national park is a mountain family vacation in Kenya destination. The park offers very sublime scenery akin to those or rural Ireland. Heavily wooded mountain forests with liana and climbers cycling their diameter and moss filled stems are common here. The open glades are equally sublime with large vista amidst the montane forest. Clear cool waters trickle from the hundreds of streams in breathtaking lush green valleys. The streams are also full of trout fish and are a haven for Kenya wilderness angling safari tours.

Aberdares Park is a favorite family vacation spot in Kenya due to its 2 main raised lodges. The treetops hotel is a wooden log cabin family safari lodge tucked away on a hill side of a very lush and salient park of the park. The treetops lodge has a watering hole and family safari groups can view wildlife at day and night as they drink and lick salt from the hole. A well constructed game viewing lounge fronts the hotel at the watering hole offering kids on safari to view animals at their pleasure. Kenya family vacation lodges in this park include;

  1. Treetops family wildlife safari lodge
  2. The ark family animal vacation
  3. Kenya Beach Family Vacation

The Kenya beach located on the south eastern corner of the country. Family Kenya beach holidays at the coast are mostly at the end of a long wildlife safari parks tour in Kenya Africa. The Kenya beach coast is the ultimate climax of a Kenya safari as it offers relaxation and peace at the rush of waves and whispering of palms. Mombasa Kenya is at the centre of a Kenyan family tour of Africa and most beaches are located either to the south or north of Mombasa island town.

Diani Kenya beaches in the south coast offer the best unparalleled family vacation spots. Most days of an African family vacation in Kenya are spent at the beach. Families opt for a Marathon run through the wildlife safari parks of Kenya and then have 3-7days of relaxation at the coast. Lodges in Diani Kenya that offer family Kenya vacation accommodation have a multitude of water sports and activities for the parents and kids to engage in. most hotels at the Diani Kenya coast offer air conditioned spacious rooms, room service, kids entertainment, free form swimming pools, pool bars, 3-4 restaurants to choose from, an in-house shopping arcade, internet services, excursions from the hotel, airport and town shuttle services, satellite TV, minibars, room safes, ensuite bathrooms among many others.

There is a whole world of family water sports offered at these Kenya beach hotels. Some of the most popular family beach vacation activities and water sports include;

  1. Swimming in the Diani beach hotels swimming pool
  2. Kayaking in the ocean
  3. Wind surfing on Mombasa beaches
  4. Jet skiing on Kenya beach
  5. Dhow trips
  6. Family Safari Snorkel in coral gardens
  7. Swimming with dolphins on Kenya family beach vacation
  8. Diving lessons PADI on Kenya coast
  9. Kite surfing/surfin on Kenya family beach vacation among others.

Other Africa Kenya family vacations on the beach hotels are located to the north of Kenya coast. These offer family beach vacations in such popular Kenya beach places like Lamu Kenya family vacation spot, Malindi Kenya family vacation spot, Kilifi family vacation hotels, Bamburi beach family holidays spot, Nyali beach family tour spot.

So next time you are going on your Africa family vacation in Kenya be sure to include some of these places and you won’t be disappointed.

Have a fun family Kenya holiday!!