A Wonderful Kenya Tour


Kenya is known as the home of safari (safari is a Swahili word which means traveler in English). Being the most popular safari destination, Kenya safari can give you a luxury experience in a limited budget. The country provides incredible sights that can enrich your lively wildlife understanding in Africa. Among the most famous animals to be found in Kenya include lions, buffaloes, rhinos, flamingoes, cheetahs and leopards.


Anyone can have a great time in Kenya but adventurous people can get unlimited wilderness and big natural reserve from all over the globe. No other African destination can boast such unforgettable sights of landscapes and unique geographical features.


Important Safari Destination in Kenya:

The Great Migration which starts from July and continue till October

Game-rich Masai Mara Game Reserve

Tropical Mombasa, which is a 480kms of spectacular coral reef

Amboseli National Park, known for elephant herds

Mt Kilimanjaro, the continent’s highest mountain peak

Mt Kenya – an extinct volcano and the second tallest mountain in Africa

Diverse and attractive culture of the Maasai people

Know about the different ethnic groups of the country

Spectacular and diverse game viewing

Safari Travelers: What to Keep in Mind in Wildlife Area:

Animals behave and react differently. Some animals feel comfortable and are accustomed in presence of people while others want to keep a distance from human beings. Therefore, it is better to maintain distance. Do not go near any animal to feed them, they might attach you. Often, people are advised not to make noise when they are near the animals, take photographs from a distance to be on a safer side. It is better not to climb out of eth vehicle except the designated points. Use good quality repellents to protect yourself from harmful mosquitoes and insects.


Kenya safari can be a memorable experience if done with proper care and planning.

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