A Kenya Travel Experience With a Remarkable Difference

A search for the word ‘Kenya travel’ on the internet reveals a list of websites ranging from the website of the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Kenya to the websites of various tour and Travel companies. Among these diverse tourism websites on Kenya travel mentioned, the one that catches your eye is sheltertours.com. A click on the link fills your screen with beautiful Kenyan wildlife. A brief overview of the website further assures the browser that he is at the right web link. The website offers exhaustive information about Kenya travel which is situated in East Africa with Nairobi as its Capital.

A Kenya travel is essentially famous for its wildlife, the beautiful African skies, the culture of the people and a fantastic natural environment, And it seems to cater to everyone’s Kenya travel needs. Fishing, skiing, rafting, rock climbing, camping, hiking, Private Ranches and pre-historic sites – you find it all here. Apart from the scenic beauty, Kenya travel has much more to offer. With all these activities to do teamed with a comfortable stay, Kenya is the decisive destination where you should head to.

With A Kenya travel experience, you get the taste of the Mount Kenya climb, the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya stands tall at a whooping 5199m above sea level and Situated 16km south of the equator. It is also the home beautiful bird life and indigenous trees. Mountaineering becomes especially delightful during September to February when wild is dry and there are few instances of rain.

The coastal town of Mombasa is a haven of pre-historic sites, beaches, and Marine parks, from the ancient Shahili town of Lamu with a very rich pre-historic culture still intact from the 16th century AD to the Gede ruins built in the 17th century by Arabs who controlled the coastal town. The Fort Jesus stands firm in Mombasa, itself built in the 16th century by the portuguese in their quest for the control of the East African coast. A Kenya travel experience will also treat you to the most enjoyable white beaches in the entire African coastline. If you are a fan to skiing, rafting, snorkelling, and diving then the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park is there waiting for you arms open, for the thrill and the pleasure that it beholds.

A Kenya travel experience would not be complete without reference to the Masai Mara Game Reserve, A unique haven for wildebeest, zebras, lions, wild elephants and cheatahs among many other predators and herbivorous. The way these wildlife interact intrincically is a perfect example of Savanah grassland of the African plateau. The 7th wonder of the world event takes place here.

This spectacular Kenya travel event happens at the Rhino Bridge, commonly known as Kiboko wildebeest crossing site. The wildebeest cross the Mara river into the adjacent olpunyaia swamp on their way to the Serengeti Game Reserve and Later back to the Olorukoti plains and the Musiara swamps. This phenomenonal event happens in July and August when millions of these wildebeest cross the Mara river from the Serengeti Game reserve to the Masai Mara. Then it happens again in october, This time the migration of wildebeests takes them back south to the Serengeti Game Park.

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