A Look at the Crucial Steps in your Wildlife Photography

When I first thought about doing wildlife photography I was a bit stuck for inspiration. I was in the middle of the city with no wildlife in sight, unless you counted the people milling all around me, and I wasn’t due up for another long vacation for at least a few months yet. So obviously wildlife photography in the wild was out, but someone very helpfully pointed me in the direction that I’m about to point you in now. What about the wildlife at the zoos? There was more or less all the wildlife that I could want just sitting there bored in their cages watching people make funny faces at them. (Sounds a bit like what a baby has to go through doesn’t it?)

But I still had to wait for the weekend for that and I was chafing at the bit to get into my stride in wildlife photography, when the second suggestion struck me as being the answer to all my troubles. Wildlife photography from home! I could get started immediately I went home, and if nothing else I could always go after the dog. Now that we’ve sorted out where you can take your wildlife shots, maybe we should now think about what kind of wildlife photography you were thinking of doing.

This is a crucial step in your wildlife photography but not something that you might want to look into just yet. You might still want to get your hands into everything to decide exactly what it is about wildlife photography that you like. Is it the thought of capturing on film the big cats like lions and tigers? Or maybe you want to photograph elephants. What about hippos, or zebras or even rhinos?

And if you don’t like the idea of going big, then do you like the idea of going small? Have you thought about birds and insects? What about the much maligned rodent varieties? As you can see there are many different types of wildlife photography options available to you and you just have to reach out and take it.

In the wild is where you get all the action, all the heart pounding terror of being in the wild along with the animals, knowing that you’re in their home court and that your advantage depends entirely on the guide who’s leading you around. This then is what many of the greatest wildlife photographers yearn to do and where they end up anyway. Whether the reality meets their expectation of the dream is another matter entirely.

They’re there, in the wild, with the ability to get up close and personal with their wildlife subjects. Nothing at all like the zoo back home, but then again what did you expect right? However, it’s also true that wildlife shots, are natural, don’t only have to be shots of the big game animals. Wildlife shots can be of anything that is considered wild. Take my dog for instance. I consider the shots that I took of him to be wildlife purely for the reason that there isn’t a tame bone in his body. He bounces and bounds around like nobody’s business and defends his territory with deep menacing growls. The fact that he wouldn’t hurt a fly is another matter entirely.

So although in-the-wild wildlife shots are great and look amazing, I would take whatever I can get, at least in the beginning. In the wild is preferably where you might like to take your wildlife photographs, but sometimes you just don’t have the choice or the ability to do that. In that case I would recommend that you start your sojourn into wildlife photography at the zoo. Going to the zoo will offer you the opportunity to catch some of the fiercest wildlife, if not in their habitats, then at their best and their worst. It’s a bit like catching a movie star in their baggy sweat pants with absolutely no makeup on them! It’s fascinating and you won’t necessarily get the chance for such candid shots if you were in their natural habitat.

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

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Muna wa Wanjiru is a Web Administrator and has been Researching and Reporting on Digital Photography for years. For more information on Wildlife Photography, visit his site at WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY

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Magical Panorama Route and Oliver’s Restaurant and Lodge

Imagine… dramatic mountain scenery with isolated buttresses, sheer cliff faces and unusual geological features; imagine spectacular gorges, fairytale waterfalls and thick lush forests. I introduce to you ‘The Panorama Route’ in the Magical Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. Mpumalanga meaning ‘The place where the sun rises’.

The Panorama Route offers the traveller a number of spectacularly scenic viewpoints to experience this wonderland and includes views of the Blyde River Canyon (the 3rd largest canyon in the world) and its Three Rondavels, God’s Window, Pinnacle Rock, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and a number of beautiful waterfalls such as Mac Mac, Lone Creek and Lisbon Falls. The region also has an historical influence and a visit to the historic gold mining town of Pilgrims Rest is a must. Take a stroll down its quaint little main road viewing the restored historic buildings and miners huts, visit the museum to view the old mining relics, stop in at the tourist office and join a guided tour to experience the life in the gold mining hey days and try your hand at gold panning.

Most of the Panorama Route is situated on the Highveld. The views from God’s Window and Pinnacle Rock look out over the Lowveld way below. These 2 areas experience comparitively different climates. The Lowveld is subtropical, due to its proximity to the warm Indian Ocean and latitude. The Highveld is comparatively much cooler, due to its altitude of 2300m to 1700m above sea level. The Drakensberg Escarpment receives the most precipitation, with all other areas being moderately well-watered by mostly summer thunderstorms. The Highveld often experiences severe frost, whilst the Lowveld is mostly frost-free. Winter rainfall is rare, except for some drizzle on the escarpment.

My suggestion to you when travelling to South Africa is to combine a 2-night stay in or near The Panorama Route, with your African safari experience in the world-renowned Kruger National Park or in the private reserves just west of Kruger. Three of my absolute favourite luxury game lodges are Londolozi Private Game Reserve, Savanna Private Game Reserve and Lion Sands Private Game Reserve. These are all situated in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve well known for its excellent game viewing and in particular, its brilliant leopard sightings.

Now to bring you back to your experience on the Panorama Route, my suggestion here would be to stay at the award winning Oliver’s Restaurant and Lodge. This lodge has built a great name for itself. It is owner run and offers a friendly home away from home experience. Situated on a peaceful and tranquil country golf estate within easy reach of the Panorama Route, Kruger National Park and Nelspruit, the closest international airport.

Oliver’s Restaurant and Lodge rooms are luxurious, spacious and beautifully appointed. Attention to detail is superb. Personal service is top class. Cuisine is to die for. These combined attributes make it an absolute pleasure to stay here.

Spend the day lazing at the pool or being lavishly pampered in their wellness spa. A game of golf is right on your doorstep at the White River Golf Club. Outdoor activities in the region are plentiful and include quad biking, gorge swinging, white water rafting, hot air ballooning, helicopter scenic flights, hiking and horse riding. Obviously with Kruger National Park being only 25km away, you could also enjoy the day game viewing in your own vehicle. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day roaming around the park spotting our fascinating African wildlife.

So one sees the abundance of options available to you in this area. It is well worth spending a couple of nights here to become acquainted with it and its friendly people. Just another magnificent part of our Rainbow Nation!

By: Claire Dinnie

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Africa Tamed is a successful tour operator, based in Cape Town, South Africa offering unique, value added vacation packages to Southern Africa. Contact them now to design your all inclusive vacations to Southern Africa.
Africa Tamed Tours and Travel

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5 Top Things To Do In Botswana

Botswana is a truly fascinating country, a land-locked country dominated in geographical terms by the Kalahari Desert. The country is deceptively large, at approximately 581,730 square kilometres it is roughly the size of France. With a troubled past, yet rich heritage and amazing culture, there is always something that will entice and amaze you whilst visiting Botswana.

Chobe National Park in northwest Botswana, has one of the largest game concentration in Africa and is probably best known for its spectacular elephant population. It is the second biggest National Park in Botswana, covering an area of 10566 square kilometres. At the park you can see 4 of the Big 5: elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino on occasions. Chobe also has a multitude of antelope including the rare sable. The area is best visited in the dry season between April and October when game concentrations are at their highest.

Okavango Delta is the worlds largest inland delta and the largest freshwater wetland in Africa. The Okavango is home to an abundance of wildlife and provides seasonal habitat to numerous different species including elephants, buffalos, red lechwes, crocodiles and wild dogs. The delta also has over 400 species of birds, including the African Fish Eagle, the Crested Crane and the Hamerkop. The channels and floodplains are best viewed by mokoro (a dugout canoe moved by pushing a long stick against the bed of the river), or by taking a flight over the delta.

Moremi Game Reserve, situated to the northeast of Maun, lies within a wildlife management area that is strictly controlled, allowing the animals in the reserve to move freely throughout the seasons. The reserve enjoys a wide diversity of habitats including elephants, buffalos, giraffes, lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, hyenas, jackals, red lechwes and a variety of smaller mammals and birds. It is also well known for the height of the trees in the mopane tongue, which covers the central area.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the second largest game reserve in the world, even larger than Denmark or Switzerland. Situated right in the centre of Botswana, this reserve is characterised by vast open plains, saltpans and ancient riverbeds. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a natural habitat to wild animals that can be seen on safari, including warthog, giraffe, cheetah, lion, leopard, wildebeest, eland, and kudu to name a few.

Gaborone, the capital and largest city of Botswana, is a contrast to the natural environments of the game reserves and parks. It is one of the fastest growing towns in the southern hemisphere with a population of over 208 000. Situated on the Notwane River in the south eastern corner of Botswana, Gaborone is a vibrant and colourful city with plenty to see. The National Museum & Art Gallery, located in the centre of the city, holds regular exhibitions; day trips are also offered to Kolobeng, the site of David Livingstones mission station which was built in 1847.

One of the most striking buildings in Gaborone is the Orapa House where Botswanas diamonds are sorted and dispatched to markets around the world. The old part of the city, known as the Village, is where you will find remnants of Botswanas colonial history, such as the remains of the old Government Rest House, where the infamous Jameson Raid was believed to have been planned and where Cecil John Rhodes sometimes stayed.

Experience Tanzania Safari Tour

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful and exciting safari countries in the world. The country is associating with unmatchable sights including Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Mount Kilimanjaro, where you can have a gala time with friends and family. Also, the Annual Wildebeest Migration makes a Tanzania Safari just incomparable and beautiful. Above all, you can enjoy the un spoilt wild life, exotic beaches and enormous beauty of this African country.

Taking holidays in Tanzania gives you everything that you desire in life; spending your time in tropical islands, climbing the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, diving into the marine life to explore treasures or watching the annual migration of plains game on Tanzania safari.

While having a holiday in Tanzania, you can search out things that give you ultimate happiness and pleasure of hobnobbing with the nature. Apart from enjoying safaris, wildlife and wilderness, one can explore some of the most romantic and natural tropical beaches in Tanzania.

Tanzania – A Different Experience:-

As a visitor in Tanzania, you can have one of the best memories of your life. Tanzania safari gives you altogether a different experience of roaming into the deep jungles and catching the attraction of wild animals.

Being a visitor in Tanzania, you can enroll yourself with Tanzania luxury safaris that will give you a slightly off the beaten track experience. You can also get the advantage of availing luxurious accommodation ranging from jaw-dropping luxury to rustic bungalows.

Associating with a Tanzania safari tour gives you a good overview of the country. You can extend the length of your tour as per your desires and fulfill your wild desires.

So plan your Tanzania trip now and book your safari trip which gives you the maximum satisfaction. Avail some of the fabulous facilities of exploring the new country, associating with fulfillment of your own desires and requirements.

By: Synapse India

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Myself webmaster of www.realafrica.co.uk, a safari holidays information directory of Tanzania safari, holidays in Tanzania and Africa safaris.

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SERVAL- Amazing Predator (rare safari night footage)

Flights to Kenya Africa – How to Find Cheap Flights to Kenya From Uk, Us, India, Canada From Anywhere!

Whenever I am advising a client on how to find the cheapest airfare to Kenya or when I am looking for one for myself, here is what I do.

Check Out Airfare Consolidators That Include African Airlines

The top tip that I have for finding the lowest price air tickets to Kenya is to check out airline consolidator fares, especially those that include African airlines.  What are airline consolidators?  They are wholesalers who buy airline tickets in bulk and then sell them.  They often sell to travel agents who pass on some of these savings.  Travel agencies and consolidators that sell consolidator tickets to the public are also known as bucket shops. You can save a lot by using them – sometimes as much as 70% off of the published airfare for flights to Kenya.

Use An Airfare Search Engine, One That Includes Consolidator Fares

You can also find cheap tickets to Kenya on your own, without a travel agent. How? By using an airfare search engine. What I would strongly recommend however is that you find an airfare search engine that does not restrict its search for airfares to just the airlines themselves. Find one that searches for airfares from consolidators as well. This will increase your chances of finding a discount airfare to Kenya.

Be Flexible – Consider Traveling Through Another Destination

Airlines are increasingly developing hubs.  Hubs are cities that a particular airline has decided is where they will route most of their flights, and thus where passengers will change planes to continue onto their ultimate destination.  For example, London is the hub for British Airways and Virgin.  For Emirates Airlines, whose hub is Dubai in the Middle East, to compete for passengers for its flights to Kenya from the UK, it will generally offer cheaper airfares.  So it may well pay you to look at flights through another destination.

Look at Flying From or To Less Popular Airports

To increase your chances of finding cheap flights to Kenya, take a look at leaving from another airport.  For example, if you are looking for cheap flights from London to Kenya, you should look at both flights from Heathrow and flights to Kenya from Gatwick.

If you follow these simple strategies, you will dramatically increase your chances of finding the lowest air ticket prices on flights to Kenya Africa no matter what the season!

By: michael r. giles

About the Author:

Michael R. Giles, J.D. is a lawyer. He’s been in the travel business since 1998. Finding low airfare is important to his African safari clients. Click cheap air tickets to Kenya to find the same low airfares he does. Visit Michael’s African Safari website & save on Africa airfare.

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